A. What is netmoney Connect?

netmoney Connect is a secure e-money account + a personalised ArrowsVisa Chip & Pin card that allow cardholders to transact 24/7 worldwide. It’s a flexible and unique banking solution, key features include:

  1. ability to add up to 3 people (companions) on your account
  2. send money worldwide by SMS, phone or online
  3. call back money already sent to companions
  4. companions only withdraw what you give them, they dont have access to your account
  5. view your companions account & all transaction history
  6. block & unblock cards (including those of your companions)

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B. What is the difference between primary and companion cards?

The key differences between the two are around what each can or can’t do, as highlighted below:


C. What do I need to do to open an account?

To open a netmoney Connect account, the applicant (primary) must:

  1. be a UK resident with a UK address where all cards are delivered
  2. be 18 years or over (companion cardholders must be 13 years or older)
  3. have access to a debit/credit card to pay for cards online sign up

Click here for a full list of our fees

D. How can I apply for an account?

You can apply either:

  1. online, by simply clicking here
E. Do I need to pass a credit check to open an account?

No, we don’t conduct any credit checks on you. You don’t need to have a UK bank account either to open a netmoney Connect account. 

F. What is the maximum number of cards I can have on my account?

You can have maximum of four (4) cards on your account , these are:

  1. one (1) primary card for yourself (the primary) and,
  2. up to three (3) companion cards
G. Must companion cardholders be UK residents?

No – companion cardholders can be living anywhere worldwide. Only the primary account-holder must be a UK resident, with a UK address.

H. What happens after I have opened an account?

As soon as you open an account, you will:

  1. receive a confirmation message on the application page. This will give you a reference, always quote this reference if you contact us.
  2. receive a confirmation email, with a reference and details on how to contact.
I. When will I receive my card(s) after applying?

All cards on the account (primary & companion cards) are delivered to the primary’s UK address within 6 to 8 working days of signing up. Please contact us if your cards don’t arrive within this time.

J. Will companion cards be delivered straight to them abroad?

No, companion cards are delivered to the primary account-holder’s UK address. The primary arranges for them to be delivery abroad.

K. Can I start using my card as soon as it arrives?

No. For security reasons all, netmoney Connect cards will not work on arrival. You will need to:

  1. activate your card and setup your online account
  2. get your PIN (we don’t send out your PIN by post)

Clear instructions on how to activate your card and get your PIN will come with your card, alternatively Click here to find out how to.

L. How can I activate my card(s)?

Using the access code that comes with your card, you can activate your card by:

  • Online – click here and simply follow the instructions
  • SMS – send a text message to “57887 (from UK) or to “+447797800035″ (from abroad)”. Send a message like: “prepaid” <space> “activate” <space> “access code (e.g. 123456, comes with your card)” <space> “last 4 card digits”. An example can be: send message “prepaid activate 123456 9978” to “57887 from UK” or “+447797800035 from abroad”. You will get an SMS back confirming your card is active. You now need to get your PIN.
  • Customer service or automated phone – call 01223 790697
M. How do I get a PIN for my card?

Getting your PIN is easy. Using the access code on the letter that comes with your card, you can get your their PIN by:

  • SMS – send a text message to “57887 from UK or+447797800035 from abroad”. Send a text like: “prepaid” <space> “PIN” <space> “access code (e.g. 123456)” <space> “last 4 card digits”. An example can be: send message like “prepaid pin 123456 9978” to “57887 from UK” or “+447797800035 from abroad”. You will get an SMS back with your PIN, to the mobile number we hold on your account.
  • Ringing our UK customer service – ringing 01223 790697 & selecting option 2. Your PIN will be sent out to you by SMS, to the mobile number we hold on your account.
  • Automated telephone service – ringing 01223 790697 & selecting option 1 and following simple steps.


N. Can I change my PIN?

Yes, both primary & companion cardholders can change their PIN to that of their choice, any time. You can do this from any Visa ATM with a PIN service facility, worldwide.

O. Can a primary activate a card & get a PIN on behalf of the companion?

Yes, as long as the companion agrees to this & give them all the required details. The primary needs to ensure that the card has been received abroad by the companion before doing this.

A. How can top-up money on my account?

Only the primary can credit their account, the companion only receives money from the primary to withdraw at any Visa cash machine. Crediting your account is very easy and can be done conveniently, 24/7 via:

  1. Debit Card – by either logging in your online account & clicking on “Load Card Funds” and then following instructions.
  2. Bank Transfer – from your UK bank bank accounts(by online, telephone banking or visiting your bank branch), using the account number and sort code on your netmoney card. You must quote your 16 digit long card number at the front of the card (begining with 476247) as the reference.
B. How long does it take for money to arrive on my account?

By using the following options to credit your account, money will arrive on the primary account as follows:

  1. Debit card – money instantly arrives on the account (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm)
  2. PayPoint – money instantly arrives on your account but will be available to use after 2 hours
  3. UK bank transfers (internet, telephone banking and via branch) – maximum 3 hours during working days (excluding bank holidays). Weekend & bank holiday transfers will be processed on next working day.
C. Can companion also credit their or primary's account?

No. Companions have their own account linked to the primary’s account to only receive money from the primary & withdraw at cash machines worldwide. They can’t credit their account nor send money to anyone.

D. What is the maximum I can credit on my account?

The maximum balance on a netmoney Connect account is £5,000. For example if your account balance is currently £500, the maximum you can credit on your is £4,500. The maximum amount a primary account-holder can credit on their account are:

  • Crediting by debit card & bank transfer – the maximum is £5,000. For example if current account balance is £800, the maximum you can credit is £4,200
  • Crediting by PayPoint – the maximum amount per transaction is £249. You can top-up maximum 5 times a day provided you don’t exceed the £5,000 maximum account balance
E. Is there a limit on the number of times I can credit my account in a day?

Yes. Whether using debit card, bank transfer or PayPoint to credit your account, the maximum number of times you can credit your account a day are 5 (you can’t exceed this).

F. Is my money safe & secure on my netmoney Connect account?

Yes, all our cards are personalised (with cardholder name), are CHIP & PIN protected and comply with strict regulatory requirement of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (formerly FSA)

But we also we ensure that once we receive your funds they are deposited in a segregated and secure bank account, specifically for the purpose of redeeming against transactions you make with your card. This ensures that your money is safe, even in the case of us becoming insolvent.

G. How do I send money to a companion on my account?

The primary can send money to companions by:

  1. Onlinelog into your account & go to “card2card transfer“, enter amount & select receiver and click “transfer“.
  2. SMS – click here for details on how this works
  3. Automated phone service – by ringing 01223 790697, select option.1 and follow instructions
H. How do I estimate how much to money to send a companion to withdraw at a cash machine?

We have designed a currency exchange calculator that tells you how much British Pounds you can send to companions so that they can withdraw an amount in their local currency. Click here to use our foreign currency calculation.

Exchange rate fluctuate and to ensure that the companion get the money they want at the ATM abroad, we recommend you send them an amount slightly higher than the calculator. The primary will be able to call back any balances on the companion’s account.

I. How long does it take to get to the companion's card?

As soon as you send money to your companions, they instantly receive it & can withdraw. But the primary can call the money back before the companion withdraws it

J. Can I call back money from my companion if I change my mind?

Yes, the primary can call back money from the companion at any time and you can also view the companion’s account to see all their transaction history. This facility is only available online (not by SMS or phone). This gives the primary complete control and visibility of their money.

A. Can I use my card to get money a cash machine?

Yes, both primary & companion cards can withdraw money from any Visa cash machine worldwide, 24/7, 365 days a year as long as you have sufficient money on your account

B. Do cash machines abroad function in the same way as UK ATMs?

Yes. The only slight difference is when you enter your card + PIN; cash machines abroad will prompt you to select an account type. If this happens, always select “current account” and everything else is the same as a UK ATM.


C. Can I use my card to pay for goods in shops?

Yes, but only for primary cardholders can pay for goods in shops (where a VISA symbol is displayed) & online 24/7 worldwide. This feature has been disabled for companion cards

D. Can I use my card to pay for goods online or over the telephone?

Yes but only for primary cardholders, subject to sufficient funds on the account (to cover cost of goods and our charges)


E. Is there a minimum amount I can spend with my card?

There is £10 minimum for cash machine withdrawals in the UK & abroad. No minimums for online or in the shop transactions provided you have sufficient funds on the account

F. Is there a maximum amount I can spend with my card?

Yes there are limits on maximum amounts you can spend, they are:

  1. In the shop & online – the maximum is your account balance excluding transaction fees. Example, if your account balance is £100.20 and the transaction charge is £0.20 (20p) then the maximum you can spend is £100.
  2. At cash machines – the daily maximum amount is 2 withdrawals each of £500, total of £1,000 per day (subject to sufficient funds on the account)
G. What happens if I take items I had purchased back to the seller?

If you return goods to the shop, your netmoney Connect card will be refunded just like any other bank card. Make sure you keep your refund receipt and if you can’t see the refunded amounts on your account you will need to contact the retailer/shop before you contact us.


H. Can I get cash-back in shops with my netmoney Connect card?

Yes, from participating retailers just like with any bank card.



I. Does my card work with "pay at the pump service" at a petrol station?

No, your card will not work on a self-service fuel pump. But you can use it to pay for petrol in the shop

J. Will I be charged for using my card?

Yes, several charges apply for using your card at cash machines, in shops & online both in the UK and abroad. Click here for a list of fees.


K. Will I earn interest on my account balances?

No, your account balances do not earn any interest.

A. How do I contact netmoney?

You can contact us by:

By email: cs@netmoneyconnect.com

By post:

Customer Services

netmoney Connect

The Powerhouse

21 Woodthorpe Road

Ashford, Surrey

TW15 2RP

By phone:01223 790697

B. How do I set up my online account?

When you receive your Visa card, you can activate it online and set up your account (for both primary and companions). Click here and follow instructions to activate your card.

C. What can I do via my online account?

Your secure online account allows you to:

  1. Credit your account using a debit card.
  2. Send money to your companions and other netmoney cardholders
  3. Call money back to your account from your companion
  4. View your account balance & transactions + those of your companion(s)
  5. Block (if you misplace your card) & unblock (when found) cards
  6. Report your card lost, stolen or damaged
D. What do I do if I forget my username, password or both?

If you forget your username or password, you can have them emailed to you. Click here and follow simple instructions.

If you forget both your user name and password, you will need to contact us to get them reset.

E. How can I change my PIN?

You can change your PIN 24/7, worldwide from any VISA ATM with PIN service facility.

F. How can I check my account balance?

Both primary & companion cardholders can check their balances by:

  1. Online – by logging into your account and clicking on view transactions. Click here to log into your account
  2. ATM – at any VISA ATM worldwide, 24/7, 365 days a year
  3. SMS – using our SMS service to receive your account balance or last 4 account transactions, 24/7.

Click here for instructions on how to get your balance or last 4 transactions

  • Automated phone Service ( IVR) – by ringing 01223 760697 and following instructions
  • Customer Service – calling our customer service on 01223 760697
G. How can I check my transactions?
  1. Online – click here to login your account and view detailed transactions on your account
  2. SMS – click here, go to “manage my account” and see how it works by SMS
  3. Customer services – call us on 01223 790697
H. What do I do if I see a transaction I don't recognise on my account?

If there’s a transaction on your account that you think you haven’t authorised you should contact us as soon as possible. However, some retailers operate under different names so before you contact us ensure that the transaction you don’t recognise is not one you authorised with a retailer trading under a different name

I. What do I do if I can't find my card?

If you can’t find you card, you can temporarily block it (no transaction will be made when blocked) and if found you can simply unblock it. You can do this via;

  1. online – click here to log into your account
  2. Phone – call our UK customer services team on 01223 790697
  3. SMS – click here, select “manage my account” to find out how it works by SMS

If you still can’t find the card after blocking, you can report it stolen & order a replacement either online or by ringing our customer services team on 01223 760697.

K. What do I do if my address, email, telephone or other details change?

You must contact us to inform us immediately of the changes and we will update yours account details.

L. How do I close my account?