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  1. by debit card, bank transfer, PayPoint or wages
  2. send money 24/7: online, by SMS & phone
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  1. instantly at any Visa ATM, 24/7

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  1. from home, work or on the move
  2. via online, SMS & phone, 24/7
  3. at the best foreign exchange rates
  4. no lengthy paperwork to fill in
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  6. instantly withdrawn abroad at a Visa ATM
  7. call back money already sent 
  8. secure; regulated by the FCA (formerly FSA)

your account comes with

  1. a secure online banking facility
  2. personalised CHIP & PIN Visa cards
  3. NO overdraft or late penalty charges
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Select destination country & amount to be received.

NOTE: due to exchange rates fluctuations, we advise you send slightly more. You can call back any balance on your companion’s account. 

*amount receiver withdraws from a cash machine abroad